Summer in Tuscany calls for a slower pace, as the heat can become intense. It is a season of quiet recreation, the chance to enjoy time outdoors with friends, beating the heat with a dip in the pool (if you’re lucky to be near one!) while relaxing with a glass of vino bianco in the late afternoon.


We all know how valued and sought after Tuscan red wines are. But did you know that until the Renaissance the greater part of the wine produced in Tuscany was indeed WHITE? In the first century A.C., Plinius the Old writes about the production of vinum trebulanum, which is known today as Trebbiano, the third most cultivated white variety in Italy, and is also used as the basis for the famous Vin Santo!

So next time you’re over in Italy sipping a glass of white, show off a little with these helpful words!

Annata -  vintage year

Asciutto – dry

DOC – acronym for “Denominazione di Origine Controllata” (Controlled place of origin)

Dolce – sweet

Secco – dry

Vigneto – vineyard

Vivace – “Lively”, refers to the slight sparkle in some wines

One of the best things to happen in Italy in the summertime is … cherries.

Relaxing with a plateful of ripe, fragrant cherries while contemplating the beauty of holidays and jotting down plans and dreams, is a sure treat for adults.


But as kids, cherries represent the end of school, the beginning of summer holidays, the inauguration of adventurous escapades with friends. Little girls wear twin cherries on their ears, parading cheerful plump earrings. Young boys show off climbing up the tree to collect the fruit in their pockets and wrapped-up T-shirts, addressing their courage to the love interest of the moment.

There is nothing tastier, sweeter and more exciting than climbing up a cherry tree to savor the fruit straight from the branch…especially when the tree is not yours…

C’mon, I’m sure you’ve done that at least once in your lifetime!