Who are we?

The Sunny Artisan team is connected by a common love of Italy and appreciation for beauty and tradition.

We are also a very curious bunch.

Wandering around the ancient city of Florence you’re guaranteed to walk past a bottega or two. We were curious and we decided to step inside. Have you ever wandered and wondered?

Well, that’s how it all started for us.


What do we do?

We set out to discover Florence’s hidden bottegas to talk to the artisans and watch them create. Once we stepped beyond the iconic Florentine doorways of these artisans we found history and stories.

We learned about livelihoods and traditions.

We asked questions, LOTS of questions! In awe of their spirit and talents, we wanted to capture these moments on film and through words in order to preserve these traditions.

Our goal then became to bring their stories and crafts to you.


Why do we do it?

Our mission became clear when our artisans invited us into their bottegas and started to share with us. These conversations led to connections. The Sunny Artisan aims to bring these connections and conversations to you.

We want to pass on to you the cultural heritage of these artisans in an effort to revitalize the ancient traditions of their crafts.

Listening to their stories, you'll discover what makes artisans so important to your global community.

Our goal is to find local artisans and provide them with a global platform in hopes of preserving as well as carrying on their legacies.