Moleria Locchi

Moleria Locchi has been in business for over a century, creating and restoring crystal and glass, and behind much of their success is a woman who "never backs away from a challenge". Paola Locchi has put her heart and soul into her family’s business and once you meet her it’s clear to see why her clients adore her. She welcomes you into her bottega with a warm smile and you quickly become “tesorodear"


"Non mi tiro mai indietro a nulla..."

Despite having quite an impressive list of clients, awards and accolades, she is a down-to-earth Signora, happy to share a lifetime of anecdotes with you. Her stories of important Florentine families, events and history show the vital role that artisans play in the culture of a community.


Locchi is a household name in Florence, known for its fine glassware, crystal and molatura – engraving. Their ancient technique is that of Venetian hand-blown glassmaking, but with one important difference. Because Locchi crystal and glass is engraved and grinded, their glass must be thicker – a tradition that is well known in Tuscany. The quality of their products along with their hands-on approach to working with clients are their recipe for success.


"Sarebbe una cosa bella, in fondo, è una cosa di famiglia"

When Paola’s father-in-law passed away, the destiny of Locchi was uncertain. Mario, Paola’s husband, reassured her that she was the right person to take the reins. “It would be a wonderful thing, after all, it’s a family affair”, he said. Paola was reluctant at first but she soon turned the bottega into what she now calls an “isolina felice – a happy little island". The family tradition and passion continues as Paola’s daughter-in-law Giovanna (whom she refers to as both her right and left hand) has taken over and her grandson, Matteo, has become an integral part of the business. 


As you look around the Locchi bottega, the shelves are full of samples, pieces to be restored along with new designs. From a 16th century-style crystal goblet to an art deco whisky bottle, each collection has a story behind it and Paola shows them off beaming with pride. With more than 100 years of experience, the bottega’s portfolio of work is expansive and their expert craftsmanship is highly sought after. Clients from all over the world send antiquities that need to be restored and pieces that need to be repaired. “We know how to do it all,” Paola boasts.


The Locchi’s oversee all the restoration work that passes through the laboratory. Locchi has also long been known for its wedding gift registry. The gift of an engraved crystal Medici bowl is a Florentine tradition.


"Da sempre, dove esistevano i fiumi e boschi, ci sono state le vetrerie"

"Since forever, wherever there were rivers and forests, there were glassmakers…" Paola explains to us that glass and crystal engraving and grinding is a tradition in Tuscany. The ideal landscape for glassmakers was where there was a forest (that supplied lumber to fuel the fire for glassblowing) and where there was a river (for the grinding wheel and cutting). In fact, 95% of Italian crystal is produced in Tuscany! 


"Non è più il mondo di una volta…"

The Locchi’s client list is impressive, to say the least. She speaks of the families they have worked with with warmth, but is always careful to protect their privacy. Everyone, no matter who they are, are Locchi’s “adorati clienti, deliziosi adored, delightful clients"


As they diversify their collections they know their loyal clients will be by their side, but they worry about the future of artisans. “Non è più il mondo di una volta, gli artigiani a Firenze sono ormai pochissimi. The world is changing, now there are very few artisans in Florence." Paola remains hopeful that with the next generation of Locchi, there will be a way to modernize the business while remaining true to the exquisite, traditional craftsmanship of crystal and glass engraving.