Our Team


Founder, Vision Holder

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted," (Aesop). As our Founder and Vision Holder, Alicia's ultimate goal is to do good. She's half Italian, half American and 100% Florentine. Even though she grew up in the cradle of the Renaissance, the beauty of her city still takes her breath away. Who better to guide us through the artisans' bottegas and share her passion and her mission of hope? Afterall, in her words, Florence is irreplaceable.



Sibilla is our Photographer and an integral member of the Creative Team. With a background in art history as well as documentary photography, Sibilla is particularly focused on preserving the artisans' crafts and giving them a voice through her images. Born in Florence, her roots are in Italy but she grew up in Berlin and has a true curiosity for all cultures and backgrounds. The Sunny Artisan for Sibilla is all about creating connections, with artisans and visitors.


Art Director

As our Art Director, Bianca has made it her goal to capture the soul of Florence. From our artisan-made products to the beauty in the light of the city, Bianca wants to transmit the magic that surrounds Florence. "It is only with one's heart that one can see clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye." (Antoine de Saint-Exupèry) Her hope is that The Sunny Artisan can inspire others to feel the same connection that she does with her beloved city.



Jen has always found Florence "overwhelmingly beautiful,"so it's no surprise that this Americana spent most of her youth plotting a way to move to Italy. The team's Storyteller and an artist at heart, Jen hopes her stories will enrich people's lives by opening their hearts and minds. Jen lives by these words: “You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted” (Ruth E. Renkl)


Project Manager

As the team's Project Manager, Sam helps keep us dreamers on task. But don't be fooled by her to-do lists: she, too, gets starry-eyed reminiscing about walking along cobblestone streets of Florence. She describes the city as enchanting and the stories, people and connections are what drew her into to this project. She likes to remember: "Once in a while you get shone the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right." (Bob Hunter)

Deep Blue Studio


Damiano and Benedetta are the creative dynamic duo behind Deep Blue Studio. Inspired by the "insane" beauty of Florence, their goal is to amaze The Sunny Artisan visitors by telling a story through their photographs and videos. Don't be surprised to find them at the blue hour running along the Arno or taking in the best view of the city from San Miniato al Monte, cameras in hand of course.


Legal Counsel

Duccio may be our legal consultant, but he is surprisingly sentimental about his hometown of Florence. Listening to the church bells chiming as he walks over the Arno, or taking in the view from Forte Belvedere, Duccio shares our love of the city and perhaps some nostalgia (he now lives in Scotland). The Sunny Artisan is a way to spread knowledge about legacies not simply products- this is a message Duccio proudly stands behind.


Trumpeter and Composer

Florence and Franco are intertwined. As a musician and composer, Florence was where Franco studied and where he held his first concerts. With a mission to bring music and beauty to as many people as possible, Franco shares our philosophy and has helped to give The Sunny Artisan a soundtrack. "The beauty of the arts opens new and fantastic horizons," he says, and in a city as magical as Florence there are infinite sources of inspiration.



Elaine brings her technical expertise to The Sunny Artisan as a valuable consultant. A lover of travel, reading and a self-proclaimed foodie, Florence is naturally one of her favorite cities. The city she describes as timeless holds many treasures, including her favorite spot- Piazza della Signoria. Her aim is to help The Sunny Artisan deliver the stories of artisans, their families and culture by expanding our reach worldwide.


Graphic Design Consultant

As our Graphic Design Consultant, Christine helps our visions take shape…and color…and form. Her own enthusiasm for art and design mean that for her The Sunny Artisan is a valuable showcase for artisans to express themselves. Christine's connection to Florence runs deep, her mother-an avid traveller-had a deep love for the city and in particular the Uffizi Museum. Christine inherited her mother's love of Florence and reminds us, "great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” (Vincent Van Gogh)


Creative Graphic Designer

Strolling downtown Florence with her pastels and charcoals in hand, Costanza reminds us of the importance of being curious – even about a city we "know." Her curiosity and passion have always driven her to capture even the smallest details. The Sunny Artisan's Creative Graphic Designer, Costanza shares our mission of doing better, being better and trying to transmit the magic of Florence. Her work, just like that of our artisans, is tailormade with love.



Our mascot Jellybean manages to put a smile on everyone's face! From our artisans to the creative team, Jellybean manages to remind us all to appreciate the little things in life: a walk through Florence, a treat, or simply a nap after a day of jumping in fountains.